GoldPeel established in 2002 has consistently provided high grade chemical skin peels and specialized skin care products. In conjunction with leading plastic surgeon, dermatologists and skin care professionals we have developed the product line to achieve superior peeling that is both safe and effective.

Our products are made in the USA in in a GMP certified lab that operates according to FDA guidelines. We test on humans – never animals. We do not use parabens and test every batch for efficacy.

GoldPeel is distributed online and through select distributors. Our online partner is Ebay.com who we have worked with since our inception. Ebay.com team of trained cosmeticians are online almost 24/7 and available to answer any product questions you may have.

GoldPeel has recently added the celebrity peel which combines some of the most popular chemical peel ingredients in one convenient easy to use system. Available in a light and medium peel depth strength, the Celebrity Peel and skin care range has become an instant hit. GoldPeel is set to bring more unique and vibrant products to market regularly under the leadership of its board of professionals who are actively steering development with our lab.

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