Salicylic Acid 30% 2oz (60ml)


  • For those experienced with using Salicylic Acid in higher concentrations.
  • Highly effective peeling agent, oil reducer and pore cleanser.
  • Results in marked improvement for acne prone skin.

Product Description


Salicylic Acid, a Beta-Hydroxy Acid, is a highly effective superficial peeling agent, oil reducer and pore cleanser. One of the most effective ingredients to combat the cause of facial oil, acne and blemishes, as well as providing an excellent rejuvenation addition and alternative to Glycolic.

Salicylic acid loosens and removes aging cells, oil and debris attached to the skin surface. Salicylic is oil-soluble and lipophilic so it penetrates sebum filled follicles and clean out clogged pores, resulting in marked improvement in acne prone skin. Stimulates new healthy skin cell production and increased collagen formation.


Mature skin with previous peel experience.

Acne scars, sun damage and blemishes.

Mature, oily, acneic, and combination skin types.

Acne Chemical Peel Salycilic 30% Goldpeel

Step 1 – Clean the skin using saline.

Step 2 – Disinfection

Spray Pre-Peel onto medical scrubs 3 times

Avoid using too many. It’s a waste of pharmaceutical drugs and heat up the skin

Wipe the forehead first then to the sides of the temples down the cheek and chin

Step 3 – Protect the thin skin: Apply vazeline to the thin skin (upper and lower eyelids, lips and inside the nose)

Step 4 – Treatment

Spray Salicylic 30% on medical scrubs. Spray at least 3 times. Hand to hip, avoid chemical flying in the face

Peel the forehead first then to the sides of the temples down the cheek and chin. Repeat 3 times during first treatment

Each peel time is 3 minutes apart

Repeat 3-5 times in subsequent depending on skin condition.

Using medical scrubs, gently wipe the acne pushed to the surface

Step 5 Neutral

Spray Neutralizer bottle on medical scrubs 3 times

Wipe all over the face. Wipe the skin thin and less acne before other.

Repeat 2 times

Step 6: Apply Serum for acene skin Medic Roller


Time on the skin when using Salicylic 30% at intervals of 3 to 5 minutes depending on the case and capacity when the peel does not form droplets on the skin of the client, avoiding extreme heat and irritation.

The distance between the peel times from 7 to 10 days.

Use Serum for acene skin Medic Roller twice a day at morning & night. Each time use about 0.5ml. Serum will speed up skin recovery and prevent side effect. For more information read Serum for acne skin Medic Roller

During the first 2 days, use saline to clean face. After 2 days, sunscreen can be used. Avoid sun in the first week and must use sunscreen SPF 30 Medic Roller when going out. Sunscreen SPF 30 Medic Roller especially designed for damaged skin. For more information read Sunscreen SPF 30 Medic Roller

Note: When peel can cause a feeling of heat and heat, we need to note customer in advance before peel, do not use the fan during the peel because of volatility.